D S Surveyors

  (An ISO 9001 - 2008 Certified Company)



  • Instruments Supply
  • Lab Instruments Supply
  • Soil & Cement Testing Equipments Supply
  • Repairing of Survey Instrument
  • Rental Basis of Survey Intrument
  • Land Survey Work
  • Trunkey Job Work

Repairing & Servicing

  • Total Station
  • Theodolite
  • Automatic Level
  • Dumpy Level
  • CTM Machine Servicing
  • Other Survey Instruments

Land Survey working

  • Plane Table Survey
  • Contour Survey Work
  • Stack-Out Survey
  • (Center Line,Point Marking)
  • L-Section & Cross Section Work
  • Detailed Measuring
  • Quantity Working

Contact Details

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  • Phone:- +91-20-24332912
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  • Email:dssurveyors@gmail.com            ds_surveyors@yahoo.co.in

Testing Machine

Testing Machine


Hardness Testing Machine:

Capacity 150 kg Complete with test block and auto dial indicator.

Testing Machine


Tile Abrasion Testing Machine:

Conforming to specifications and tolerance in accordance to IS 1237 consists of a replaceable grinding path fitted on to a disc rotating about its vertical axis.

Testing Machine


Tile Flexure Strength Testing Machine:

1. Capacity from 140kg. to 200 kg.
2. The apparatus shall consist of two parallel self aligning semi- cylindrical steel bearers with the bearing surface rounded to 40mm dia.
3. The loading device consists of a bucket connected either directly or through levers to the loading arms.
4. The loading shall be at uniform rate 45 to 55 kg/minute by allowing lead shaft to flow into the bucket.
5. Provision shall be made to arrest the flow of lead shots immediately the tile breaks. Lead shots-20 Kg.

Imapact Testing Machine


Impact Testing Machine IT-30:

1. Front and rear stands and pendulum mounted in bearings striking edge, angle 90o, Pendulum weight = 21.02 kg, striking velocity = 3.9 m/sec, Pendulum impact energy = 168 J.
2. Charpy test - Pendulum drum angle 141o27', striking velocity - 5.3466 m/sec., Impact energy 300J.